Short but very sweet, for us Slovakia equals Bratislava.  A quick train journey from Vienna, but Bratislava felt like another world initially.

It was a day of online Christmas shopping, 100% Organic or Permaculture focused, followed by a day of sightseeing, plonking our bums on the tourist train, up to the castle, back down to the Christmas market, into the Sky bar for stomach warming cocktails, onto the wine cellars and then out for another gig, this time the Ramones cover band, which we only caught the end of because we spent the first hour and half waiting outside the wrong venue!  Then back to the train station for our train to Budapest.

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Ecoquest Learnings and Overview

Slovakia was simply a quick stop off between Austria and Hungry, a three day break to recover from 17 days working on the farm, to soak up on city life in Bratislava and to do the Christmas shopping.  We didn’t have an agenda to learn anything whist we were in Slovakia, but we were pleasantly surprised by how lovely this little capital city was and had it been the summer months it would have been nice to stay longer to explore the countryside.  On a quick sight seeing tour of the city we learnt about the importance of wine here and how Slovakia is used as the manufacturing centre for many industries.  Otherwise most of our time was spent sourcing eco gifts for our friends and family back home for Christmas including the purchasing of trees in an attempt to offset some of our travelling carbon foot print.


Managing the Budget

We over spent by 22p during our time in Bratislava.  Once again our biggest expense was food.  50% of the time we self catered but struggled to find Organic products.  For the rest of the time eating out only proved costly when we visited the Raw/Vegan restaurant, also our alcohol consumption increased as we sampled local wine and relaxed at the Christmas markets.  We probably could have saved on accommodation, but we felt staying in a central self contained apartment would allow us to self cater and thus we could lower our food bills.  We did a little bit of touristy sight seeing in Bratislava and went to a rock concert with lead to a small activities bill and other costs were the usual insurance bills and a couple of small christmas gifts.  We had to take a taxi to and from the train station to our apartment otherwise our only transport cost was the train ticket from Vienna to Bratislava at £47.

Click the interactive map to see a detailed cost breakdown for our road travel.

NB when detailing the budget, this is the cost for two people.


Eco Barometer

Nothing to rave about.  We only managed to eat Organically once, we did stay in an airbnb apartment rather than hotel but the apartment did feel more like a business let rather than someones actual home.


Could Slovakia be for us?

Another difficult question to answer as we only visited the capital, but Slovakia did have a nice vibe, friendly people, relatively good value for money, a small population and what looks like some lovely countryside, so lots of positive indicators there.  A potential for further exploration should we return to Europe.


Top Tips for Slovakia

Coming soon top tips and advice for travelling around Slovakia the Eco way!