Serbia gave us the very first stamp in our passports and an understanding as to how crossing an international border on a train works!! 

Starting in Subotica we experienced at first hand the renowned hospitality of Serbian Folk, we were in for a treat and a lot of Rakija, a night out at a local musical event, a day celebrating the festivities of St.Trifun, followed by some serious wine tasting and a big family and friend get together with a huge feast prepared by yours truly.  Saying goodbye to our amazing hosts was hard, but it was time to chug along to Belgrade, staying in a “Penthouse” apartment in Republic square we had five days to aquatint ourselves with this city and whilst the wining and dining scene was second to none, with creative and artistic flair to boot, it was difficult to see past the scars of the war.  After getting electrified by Tesla, we walked all the way along the Danube to Zemun and before we knew it our five days were up.  Barely making it out of the coach station we arrived in Mokra Gora serval hours later, where we kicked back for a couple of days high up in the mountains at Mecavnik, an old movie set, admiring the works of the rather famous film director Emir Kusturica and reading none stop The Cosmic Serpent.

Serbia Pictures


1) Rushing through Serbia and missing most of the countryside
2) Being shouted at by the police for getting of the train before our passports had been checked, oops.
3) Witnessing the devastating effects that the war has had on Serbia.


“Please excuse the state of the streets, things just haven’t been the same since the war.”

Nena - Air BNB Host

“You will get drunk from the beauty of the nature”

Nena's Friend

Top Tips for Serbia

Coming soon top tips and advice for travelling around Serbia the Eco way!