Walking across the border into Macedonia, we are greeted warmly by border guards and encountered a lovely Albanian who offered to drive us to Ohrid, a short and pleasant trip, with mesmerising views of the lake. Resting in Ohrid for a couple of days another cute Ottoman town we managed to take in some scenic walks before been grounded by the rain.

But the beauty of the lake and it’s natural surroundings soon disappeared as we headed towards the capital city of Skopje, it was cold and rainy and the old, dishevelled, communist style buildings in small towns that we passed on route left a grey reflection in our minds of this country. As for the capital it was under so much development and restoration it just made you feel like you should come back later but not before sending the Prime Minister a letter questioning his expenditure on the plethora of statues that are dotting up around the city. Thus we concluded, we needed to make up for lost time, focused on planning our journey through Bulgaria and the next morning we took the early morning bus to Sophia.

Click the interactive map to see the places we visited during our 4 days in Macedonia.

Macedonia Pictures


1) We just didn’t warm to this country at all, the capital was very odd full of statues lacking soul.