A lovely taxi driver chauffeured us from the mountains of Zlatibor to the valley bottom of Sarajevo, where we soon fell in love with the atmosphere of the old town, gained a better understanding as to why WWI started (made up a few of our own theories along with it), crossed the first “official line” of where east meets west and debated over Börek whether the Bosnian Pyramids where real or not after a day trip to Visoko.

Next we boarded an old Swedish train at silly o’clock in the morning to experience the renowned Sarajevo to Mostar train journey through some stunning gauges. Soon it was time for more Börek. We meandered through the quaint yet tiny old town of Mostar to admire the beautifully restored Stari Most bridge and then stared in horror at the state of the rest of this war torn city.
We tried to take a day trip out to Blagaj but found ourselves going round in circles on a Japanese donated bus so opt’d for another gig instead, this time to see Kulture Shock, but we left here early due to all the smoke opting to go home for even more Börek. Last but not least we took the “none existent” bus along a “none existent” road, delivering newspapers and eggs on route, far south, to the Croatian feeling town of Trebinje, finding the most unexpected vineyard we settled in for the entire day drinking until our lips were stained red.

Bosnia I Herzegovina Pictures


    1) The depressing scars of war in Mostar, where still today there are huge gashes in some buildings and bullet holes peppered across apartment blocks.
    2) Getting new insight to how WWI started. Realising that the Austrian King actually despised his assassinated son. It really is just one big “Game of Thrones” afterall!


    Top Tips for Bosnia I Herzegovina

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