It’s a long bus journey from Bulgaria to Istanbul. But finally after seven months of travelling we have left Europe. Less then five minutes in the country and we are scoffing our first kebab in the bus station cafe before checking into our very own Turkish house in the old town of Istanbul. For four days we were amazed by this metropolis, loosing ourself in the grand bazar, wondering the streets of the old and new, eating pide after pide and aqcuainting ourselves over brunch with Turkeys Permaculture learning lady Denize.

Then it’s time to take our very first boat over the Sea of Marmara to Izmir and then bus it down to Lake Bafa where we had offered to redesign an Eco Hotels website. In this picture perfect location we spent eight days in our own little lakeside cottage organising photo shoots and building a beautiful website whilst enjoying the company of other volunteers, picnicking in a remote and abandoned village and gate crashing a wedding. We then have time to squeeze in two days at the beach for pure relaxation at a pretty Eco hut on the remote cove of Kabak. Next, we are about to break all our rules by staying at an all inclusive resort in Antalya to allow us to spend five wonderful days with our besets buds Pete, Cel and little Ethan. The sheer scale of Turkey ensures we have to take an overnight bus all the way up to Cappadocia and like a typical tourist we take to the skies in a Hot Air Balloon, high up above the many cave houses of Gerome and squeeze in a local cooking class. Next we headed to Trabzon in an attempt to obtain Iranian visa’s, failing to take note of the day of the week, we arrived in Trabzon for the weekend when the Embassy was closed, with Georgian bus tickets pre-booked we decided to continue to Batumi.

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