Our ten day whirlwind tour around Montenegro started with a double bus journey over the Ilino Brdo border from Bosnia I Herzegovina to Podgorica, where we had to take a taxi to the airport (no public transport available) to meet Anna’s little brother Adam. Picking up the hire car we turned on the Sat Nav to discover that Montenegro doesn’t feature on European Tom Tom maps, good job this country is tiny!!

Our first stop off point was the village of Virpazar on the stunning lake Skadar, following the wine trails it wasn’t long before we were been served a good old glass of red in someones private cellar. After exploring the lake on boat, we followed the tiny and sometimes scary “off road” track alongside the lake until we reached the bizarre town of Ulcinj. Taking the coastal road back up along the Adriatic we lunched in Pržno, where they serve up the largest sandwiches in the world, before resting the night in Sveti Stefan right on the waters edge. Continuing north we explored the entire bay of Kotor just before the rain arrives and rain it did. Our next destination was the old Capital Cetinje and whilst it had rained in Kotor, here it had snowed but the power had just come back on pretty much the minute we had arrived. The unexpected arrival of the snow prevented us from heading up to Tara Canyon which was now inaccessible so we headed to the strangest capital we have ever visited, Podgorica and quickly left the next morning, to our final stop off point Kolašin, but here two was covered in snow, to the point where we got stuck not only in the car, but also in our log cabin for the best part of two days.


Montenegro Pictures

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Top Tips For Montenegro

Coming soon, top tips and advise for travelling around Montenegro the Eco Way!