Taking our best train journey thus far, apart from the fact that Anna really hurt her back getting onto the train, we arrived in Budapest for Christmas week with Anna’s family joining us from the UK, painkillers in hand.

We had a week together acquainting ourselves with the bathhouses, moseying around the food markets, followed by even more Christmas markets, lots of coffee & cake, Christmas Eve cruise down the Danube, traditional British Christmas dinner and the unwrapping of gifts under our Eco tree.  But new years Eve revealed bad news for Anna’s back, x-rays revealed a moderate form of Scoliosis, as physio classes and strict diet commenced so did our full discovery of this amazing city and it’s nearby towns.  Eating healthy and sometimes raw we visited every bath house in the capital, went to the opera, found and became addicted to the very popular “Exit Games”, became frequent visitors of the old cinema houses and slept like never before.  But before leaving Hungry we headed Lake Balaton way to swim in the thermal lake of Hévíz (not that warm when it’s snowing outside) and sampled the fine wines of Eger in the Valley of the Beautiful Women on route to one of the worlds rare thermal salt pools at Egerszalók.

Hungary Pictures


1) Hospital visits, X-rays, CT’s, been told on NYE that Anna has a fractured spine, fear, misdiognosis, confusion, a herniated disc and scoliosis 🙁 Not the best way to start 2015.
2) Having to skip all the planned farm visits due to Anna’s injury.
3) January weather and February weather, too bloody cold for our liking.
4) Changing apartments every week had it’s up’s and downs, but it did mean we got to explore different areas of the city.


“Moderate Scoliosis, in fact can I just take a look at your feet,it looks like you have flat feet too.”

The Doctor


Top Tips for Hungary

Coming soon top tips and advice for travelling around Hungary the Eco way!