Our journey into Georgia saw us stranded, by the supposed cross border journey on the Metro bus, at the border in the rain, so it only seemed apt to order a large carafe of delicious local wine as soon as we arrived in Batumi. Whilst the rain continued to fall we wondered around the delightful cobbled streets, learned about the oil trade and the rich past of the pretty town and spent an age in the beautiful botanical gardens and watched the Dolphins in the Black Sea.

On a bit of a whim we took our first marshrutka to Zugdidi where we were picked up in style by a former female racing car driver, Nana, who took us on a speedy whirlwind tour up to the border of the breakaway territory Abkhazia, then onto an old dilapidated castle, the Dadiani Museum to stare at Napoleons death mask, for a picnic on the Black Sea and up to a nunnery before heading back home for a disco dinner, it was a looonnng day.
Back into a marshrutka we started the windy and scenic trip up to Svenati, staying in Mestia we hiked the local mountain region where snow still nestled on the peaks, this is as close to Russia as we were going to get. Our plans for Kutaisi were thwarted due to torrential rain and planned hikes around Bojormi were cut short as the rain continued to fall. It was time to head to the capital Tbilisi to try and arrange a visa for Iran and Azerbaijan whilst enjoying the various city comforts including late night spa baths, amazing wine and cuisine and to top it all off a funky artistic city centre apartment with the most wonderful host (we extended our stay). Whilst waiting for our Azeri visa we headed into Armenia and returned back to Georgia nine days later to spend some quality time at the amazing vineyards of Telavi, sampling wines until we got very merry. After learning how to make Georgian bread and churchkhela we then reluctantly made our way to the border in oder to cross into Azerbaijan.

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