About The eco quest

Our quest is to travel the world as ecologically sound and economically efficient as possible, In search of a real treasure: a deeper understanding of permaculture, self-sufficiency, and a healthier way of life for us and the planet. Most of all we want to find and build our dream home. We intend to do all this whilst enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.


Learn More Permaculture

Learn hands on permaculture by Wwoofing, interning, attending eco-courses and helping out on homesteads and farms in exchange of deeper understanding of permaculture, biodynamic farming, eco building and other cutting edge eco practices. The idea is basically to learn vital skills for a uncertain future, “pump some iron” get fit by farming, building etc.. and become extremely healthy by eating the most organic locally grown food on the planet.


Have an adventure!

Hopefully we will encounter interesting new people, make new friends, learn about other cultures
and see things from new point of views. We will try to join in local festivities, traditions and whatever interesting events that pop up in our path. Perhaps do some capoeira in brazil or have a jungle party with some random indigenous tribe or partake in the october fest in germany who knows!



Find a home

The final goal of our trip is to choose a suitable place with a vibrant eco-community for us to get settled in and create our own garden of eden and live in absolute abundance in line with nature. So we will be looking at real-estate and book viewings to see what bang you can get for your buck in the different countries we visit.


Record it all

We aim to blog, photograph and create a documentary film about our travels. we want to talk to the people we encounter along the way. Ask them about their transition to a sustainable, peaceful lifestyle with out the stressful toxic elements of “modern” society.the goal is to inspire others, show the latest innovations in the ecosphere and push permaculture in to in to the mainstream.