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Who are we?

Anna and Olof met in the bustling city of London.  It was in the Leather Bottle pub in Earlsfield to be precise.
They were both very much caught up in the race to reach the top of the career ladder in the media and advertising industries.
A career opportunity led them to move to Gibraltar, where they spent six amazing years living the expat lifestyle whilst working hard during the week and exploring the surrounding area of Andalusia and Morocco on the weekends. During this time Olof stumbled across Permaculture and learned about the peek oil crisis, which spurs them in to action to find a farm and get off the grid. They where both in love with Spain so it was the obvious place to settle and after months of searching they find “THE DREAM FARM”.
A down payment was placed on a beautiful rustic finca in the Los  Alcornocales National Park, it was perfect. But a series of events unfolded which resulted in the farm being sold to another buyer. Anna and Olof were devastated at first, but as with so many things in life, permaculture had the answer…

“The problem is the solution”
With no farm, no children, no animals and no commitments, Anna and Olof were free to pursue their other life long dream of travelling the world.  Now they could combine it with searching for that dream farm whilst learning about permaculture along the way.  Thus the epic journey called The Ecoquest begins!

Anna, is now a fully fledged world explorer with the super powers to find the most amazing spots on the planet.  With years of experience at the top of the corporate world, Anna has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to everything needed to run a successful business, be it online, on TV or in retail.   Anna is motivated, engaged and focused to any task at hand.

More About Anna

Olof is an enthusiastic team player who gets stuck into whatever gets thrown at him.  A Permaculture addict, he can recite all the words to Geoff Lawton’s videos.  A long and successful career in the Graphic Design business has given him an edge in the Permaculture world when it comes to main frame design and creative problem solving.  His new motto “the problem is the solution”

More About Olof

About The eco quest

Our quest is to travel the world as ecologically sound and economically efficient as possible, In search of a real treasure: a deeper understanding of permaculture, self-sufficiency, and a healthier way of life for us and the planet. Most of all we want to find and build our dream home. We intend to do all this whilst enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.


Learn More Permaculture

Learn hands on permaculture by Wwoofing, interning, attending eco-courses and helping out on homesteads and farms in exchange of deeper understanding of permaculture, biodynamic farming, eco building and other cutting edge eco practices. The idea is basically to learn vital skills for a uncertain future, “pump some iron” get fit by farming, building etc.. and become extremely healthy by eating the most organic locally grown food on the planet.


Have an adventure!

Hopefully we will encounter interesting new people, make new friends, learn about other cultures
and see things from new point of views. We will try to join in local festivities, traditions and whatever interesting events that pop up in our path. Perhaps do some capoeira in brazil or have a jungle party with some random indigenous tribe or partake in the october fest in germany who knows!



Find a home

The final goal of our trip is to choose a suitable place with a vibrant eco-community for us to get settled in and create our own garden of eden and live in absolute abundance in line with nature. So we will be looking at real-estate and book viewings to see what bang you can get for your buck in the different countries we visit.


Record it all

We aim to blog, photograph and create a documentary film about our travels. we want to talk to the people we encounter along the way. Ask them about their transition to a sustainable, peaceful lifestyle with out the stressful toxic elements of “modern” society.the goal is to inspire others, show the latest innovations in the ecosphere and push permaculture in to in to the mainstream.


The Journey


It’s been a while since we’ve crossed a border where there is no need for a visa, it should have been a breeze had there not b...


We started our quest on a Permaculture Farm, Varzea da Gonçala, just outside Aljezur where we attended a three day medical herb w...


Our initial plan to spend three weeks in Spain, somehow extended to four! The first port of call was to the spa region of Ourense...


We found ourselves on the Euroline bus to Avignon to see an old friend, Claire, who took us around the famous sites of this windy ...


Learning that German train efficiency is actually a myth we headed to the beautiful city of Heidelberg, stayed in student digs, at...


We cut short our planned stay in Bavaria, in order to help an Austrian couple on their Organic farm outside Vienna and learn how t...


In Slovakia we only had a few days and after spending three weeks farm working we where ready for a bit of sight seeing and indulg...


Taking our best train journey thus far, apart from the fact that Anna really hurt her back getting onto the train, we arrived in B...


Starting in Subotica we experienced at first hand the renowned hospitality of Serbian Folk, we were in for a treat and a lot of Ra...


A lovely taxi driver chauffeured us from the mountains of Zlatibor to the valley bottom of Sarajevo, where we soon fell in love wi...


Our 10 day whirlwind tour around Montenegro started with a double bus journey over the Ilino Brdo border from Bosnia I Herzegovina...


We took a taxi from Podgorica airport, over the border at Hani i Hotit into Albania where we spent the first four days with our he...


Walking across the border into Macedonia, we are greeted warmly by border guards and encountered a lovely Albanian who offered to ...


Bulgaria was an unexpected delight, but this is not what we thought upon our first sight. Day one in Sofia, grey and drab it seem...


It’s a long bus journey from Bulgaria to Istanbul. But finally after seven months of travelling we have left Europe. Less then...


Our journey into Georgia saw us stranded, by the supposed cross border journey on the Metro bus, at the border in the rain, so it ...


The first major faux-pas of our world trip so far; rocking up two hours too late for our night train from Tblisi to Yerevan. Than...


We knew that having Armenian stamps in our passports would not stand us in good stead at the Azeri border crossing, but after only...


After 48 hours on the cargo ship we arrived in Turkmenbashi port where we were held in arrivals until our guide arrived, the guide...


Over another border, into another Lada Taxi, no AC, 40+ degree's, it was hot, it was still mostly desert outside. Upon arrival t...


  • 17
  • Jul
  • 2016
  • The Wheaton Eco scale

    The Wheaton Eco scale

    This is The Wheaton Eco Scale I made it for Mr Paul Wheaton over at permies to illustrate his idea that when you are on this eco path some people that are ahead of you seem crazy and some people that are behind you look stupid but… But one day you might be that crazy […]

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  • 22
  • Sep
  • 2014
  • Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês

    Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês

    To bring our 3 week stay in Portugal to a crescendo, we had decided to spend our final day in the Parque Nacional Peneda-Gerês.  Not only was this National Park supposed to be one of the most beautiful in Portugal, but it would also enable us to take the scenic route into Spain.  As we […]

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  • 20
  • Sep
  • 2014
  • Ponte De Lima

    Ponte De Lima

    After raking up a £42.88 toll bill over the previous 19 days, and with only 2 days left in Portugal a “Toll Road Ban” had probably been realised a little late in the day, but we were thankful of our decision, back road driving made for a much more pleasant journey.  Our next stop was […]

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  • 19
  • Sep
  • 2014
  • A few days in Porto

    A few days in Porto

    I’m not a fan of city driving, especially city’s I have never been to before, which is why I’d made a conscious decision to book accommodation just outside Porto city centre.  Thankfully the rain had eased as we approached Porto and just when it seemed like we had arrived without any hitches and a normal […]

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  • 17
  • Sep
  • 2014
  • Coja in a Caravan

    Coja in a Caravan

    Whilst waking up in a Kings Palace may not be very Eco (although if I had to make an argument to the contrary I’m sure I’d be able to make some sound Eco justifications), it does feel very nice.  My first desire was to run out onto our overly large terrace, just to confirm that […]

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  • 15
  • Sep
  • 2014
  • Bussaco Palace

    Bussaco Palace

    Today I had planned a total surprise for Olof, so whilst I didn’t want to make the day feel rushed we did need to have a pretty early breakfast.  Enjoying the freshly baked croissants and bread it seemed a shame to be leaving Sintra, one night wasn’t really enough here.  It was a beautiful town […]

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    “Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,
    the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.”
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